Circle of Speakers

Brother Leroy Jones


As the Lead organizer for the Circle of Brotherhood, Brother Leroy Jones as a 3 time convicted Felon, he has broken every rule possible that would justify why having a criminal record would prevent you from making a living much less running government programs and giving out over $50 million tax payer dollars to small businesses by administrating the Mom and Pops Grant Program which he created.  He also runs Tools for Change Miami as well as Neighbors and Neighbors Associations, Inc. His mother told him at an early age that he was a leader and responsible for those who followed him. You just have  just become one of those people but you have to hear him for yourself.

Brother Lyle Muhammad


Lyle Grandison has served as an education and human development specialist for more than 15 years, with more than 25 years in youth services. He has founded and directed several initiatives designed to produce transformation in youth and adult populations, lacking personal, social, and academic development, that have been historically denied an opportunity to develop a mastery of life skills. Mr. Grandison has traveled internationally as a teacher, trainer, consultant, and motivational speaker. He has appeared regularly on numerous television and radio programs seeking guidance and solutions on the manifold issues that plague blighted communities and under serviced populations. 

Brother AL Muhammad


Captain AL Muhammad was responsible for the Prestigious (FOI) Fruit of Islam for the Southern Region which includes the Caribbean Islands.  His motivation and training regimen has built stability in the lives of countless men that are now impacting the communities in which they live.  He is the Director of Training for the Circle of Brotherhood and leads the Self Improvement Series.  He is also a very skilled facilitator and entrepreneur that promotes healthy eating by providing the (Navy) Bean Pies.  He is Co- Founder of Respect For Life Educational Services, Inc.  He is widely known and regarded for his lectures around the the United States and the World.

Brother Melvin EL


Brother is the greater of Bothe the Reading Reformation and the Reading Transformation Programs.  He is a Reading Expert and has has been featured on several media outlets for his incredible method.  He is also a Golden Gloves Olympian in Boxing.

Brother Cornelius Williams


Brother Cornelius is a research expert and owner of a top rated Home School.  He is a primary instructor for the Employ Miami Dade training program.  Brother Cornelius is is also an entrepreneur with his family providing healthy food alternatives.

Brother Ed Haynes


Owner of Haynes Security Services and a Internationally and Nationally known speaker and trainer with the Circle of Brotherhood.  He is a business consultant and Senior Advisor to BYB a newly formed bare knuckle fighting league started by Dada 5000.  

Circle of Speakers

Brother McArthur Richard


"Big World" has always been a leader of men.  In the old days it was selling drugs and a lot of them.  Today, after serving time for his poor decisions he now is the CEO of Big World Enterprises a demolition and hauling Company.  He is now turning trash into treasure!!!

Brother Faisal Tavernier


Brother Tavernier comes from a family linage of greatness so its understandable how he has been the driving force behind so many successful ventures.  His discipline and natural ability to create order will elevate any audience to new levels of awareness. 

Brother Albert Campbell


After doing over 22 years in Federal Prison, This Brother has dedicated his life to being a Spiritual Boss.  His story of how President Barak Obama granted him Clemency will bring you to tears.

Brother Anthony Durden


From "Crack to Christ" is not just a gimmick for Minister Anthony Durden.  His Anointing is larger than life itself.  His Not for Profit Organization S.H.E.A.R. Inc.  is transforming lives everyday.  If you want to reach the unreachable he is your guy.

Brother Anthony Blackman


King Blackman has given voice to those that society have given up on.  His divine productions and artistic brilliance have and will touch the lives of millions.  More than that his story of overcoming is a melody that will play over and over in your head...

Brother George Jackson


One of the greatest comedians of all time was Dick Gregory and he stated that the greatest way to get a serious issue across was the use of Satire.  The world needs to get ready for the second coming of comedy.  Chicken George has arrived!

Circle of Speakers

Brother Jerry Tyson


This Brother has earned the name "Mr. Motivation".  He opens up every Brotherhood meeting and sets the tone for a productive session.  He is also known as DJ Smoke Dog and will get your party rocking.  Brother Jerry is gonna do miracles with people that no one else can reach.

Brother Chris Sweeting


Brother Sweeting is a leader in the business community.  He owns a school which is a family run business.  He always leads the way when it comes to donations to the Circle of Brotherhood.

Brother David Lewis


Who said life can't be Black or White?  They obviously have never met Brother David Lewis.  When you need to know if you are serious or not just spend some time this Brother.  He is a true leader and will make sure any assigned task is completed with integrity.

Brother Terry Jones Sr.


Known as Blade because he is razor sharp and cuts to the solutions of life without getting stuck on the problems.  Learn how he built a million dollar business from selling grass to cutting it. 

Brother Terry Jones Jr.


The streets know him as "Bubba" or "Chef Yourhighness".  His food is legendary but if you are lucky you will get a chance to taste his lyrical skills which is sure to leave you wanting more.

Brother Lamont Pop Nanton


Pop is a trailblazer and lyricist without equal.  He has lead a movement of positive Rap Music for many years that is cold as I.C.E.